UCLA Conspires to Ignore Federal Freedom Of Information Act....
Please share this information with others you know will act on behalf of the primates.   
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Primate Freedom Project recently contacted you about problems with UCLA ignoring public requests for documents, lying to requesters, and lying about primate research.  Now, we have yet another item to share.
Sciencemag.org (AAAS, NABR) published an article concerning animal activists and the intense campaign in Los Angeles.  On page 3 of the article you'll read,  
How can a state operated facility such as UCLA just decide not to abide by a federal law?  Are citizens not to use the tools provided to gain information about taxes?
In our previous email we provided a link to contact Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to ask him to remove Gene Block as UCLA's chancellor. 
We are bringing this matter to your attention again so you'll know the level of secrecy/lies at UCLA and can act on behalf of the primates. 
If you have already contacted Gov. Schwarzenegger, please email him again with this new information and if you have not yet written, please do so today.   
YOUR help is needed to combat this and force UCLA to abide by the federal and state laws.  Will you help?
For the primates,
Primate Freedom Project
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