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Learn about their lives in the wild and in the laboratories where they suffer day after day.
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The Coulston Foundation and
National Institutes of Health

Primate Freedom Tags are no longer needed for chimpanzees once held by The Coulston Foundation (TCF). Read the amazing news.

A visit to the White Sands Research Center, simply another name for TCF, was a sobering look at the reality of the prison camps called primate research centers in the same vernacular that cloaked Joseph Mengele's insane curiosity as science by the Nazi propagandists. Today, the propagandists dress the torture occurring in the primate labs as "research."

Now you have an opportunity to connect with and act as an advocate for one of the chimpanzees still imprisoned in Alamogordo by the U.S. government.

Their freedom begins with you.

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But the chimpanzees held captive by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at Holloman Air Force base have not been so lucky.

These chimpanzees, once wholly owned by TCF, were once part of the largest single massing of imprisoned chimpanzees in the world.