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Life Stories
These are life stories of primates held in U.S. primate laboratories. They are based on documents obtained from the labs.

20213 Rhesus Macaque

23993 Squirrel Monkey
25205 Crab-eating Macaque
25142 Crab-eating Macaque
23954 Rhesus Macaque
24013 Squirrel Monkey
25157 Crab-eating Macaque
24974 Rhesus Macaque
23915 Crab-eating Macaque
27276 Crab-eating Macaque
cj0233 Common Marmoset
cj0453 Common Marmoset
R80180 Rhesus Macaque
R90128 Rhesus Macaque
R97041 Rhesus Macaque
R95100 Rhesus Macaque
s93052 Rhesus Macaque
Response from Jordana Lenon, public relations manager for WRPRC.

A92025 Baboon
J90266 Pig-tailed Macaque
J92476 Pig-tailed Macaque

9382 Vervet
1991-016 Vervet

MCY 24525 Crab-eating Macaque
MCY 24540 Crab-eating Macaque

The Chimpazees at Fauna Foundation

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Life in a Laboratory
A Primate Freedom Tag is your link to one victim. The name (if known), serial number, species, date of birth, gender, and location of a unique primate prisoner is permanently embossed on each tag. Your Primate Freedom Tag also comes with information on how to contact the laboratory where a prisoner is held along with suggestions on ways to make a difference in this victim's life.

Species commonly used in research
Primates used in research
Squirrel Monkey    Rhesus Macaque    Crab-eating Macaque

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Primate Research Laboratories

Oregon National Primate Research Center
Oregon Health Sciences University

California National Primate Research Center
University of California, Davis

Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Washington National Primate Research Center
University of Washington, Seattle

Tulane National Primate Research Center
Tulane University

Yerkes National Primate Research Center
Emory University, Atlanta

University of Minnesota

New England National Primate Research Center
Harvard University

Southwest National Primate Research Center
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, San Antonio

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