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There are no words that can describe the sadness and hopelessness of vivisection any better than this disturbing image.

If you look closely, you will notice a number tatooed onto her chest.

This photograph was taken at Shamrock Farm, a supplier of primates to vivisection labs throughout the U.K. and Europe for over 40 years.

The U.K. animal rights group, ARC (Animal Rights Coalition) has protested continuously against Shamrock Farms and their hideous business.

On Friday, March 10th 2000, Shamrock Farm announced that they were closing down. They will close their premises as soon as they can "humanely rehome the monkeys they still have."

A victory for the animals.


The Primate Freedom Project is dedicated to ending the use of nonhuman primates in biomedical and harmful behavioral experimentation.

The Primate Freedom Project has three components: Education, Advocacy, and Support.


The public must be taught that monkeys and apes have minds and emotions very similar to our own. They must learn what is actually happening in laboratories right now. Once they know these things they will begin to understand that the experiments being performed on primates are as horrible as they would be if they were being performed on human children.

The Primate Freedom Project is educating the public through our website and pamphlets. Individual supporters of the Primate Freedom Project are educating people they come into contact with by wearing a Primate Freedom Tag. Primate Freedom Tags are stainless steel tags permanently embossed with personal information about one individual monkey or ape locked in one of our nation's primate laboratories.

The Primate Freedom Project is educating lawmakers through The Congressional Educator, a newsletter written for members of Congress.


It is one thing to know what is happening, but yet another to speak out to demand that it stop. The Primate Freedom Project is the primary sponsor of the “Call for an Immediate Presidential Moratorium on Primate Experimentation.” This document has been endorsed by over two hundred organizations. We are consistent in our demand that the atrocity known as primate experimentation be immediately stopped.

Individual supporters of the Primate Freedom Project attempt to intervene on behalf of the primate represented on their Primate Freedom Tag. They seek official documentation regarding the animal's life and situation. They send this information to the project and we publish the disarmingly sad stories of these victims' lives on the Primate Freedom Project website.


The Primate Freedom Project supports and nurtures efforts aimed at ending primate experimentation. We do this by assisting campus and community-based groups in various ways. We co-sponsor billboards and advertisements in campus newspapers. We donate Primate Freedom Tags to campus efforts. We provide research services and write articles for campus publications. We foster community and campus-based Primate Freedom Projects and work to link those efforts together.

We are currently accepting grant applications for grassroots organizations aimed at protesting the use of primates in experimentation. READ MORE...

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