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Primate Freedom Project Grants

The Primate Freedom Project provides small grants to campus and community groups. Grants are available to those educating the public about the use of primates in laboratories, working to bring attention to the activities of a particular researcher, working to expose the cruelty or absurdity of a particular line of research, or working in other ways to abolish primate experimentation.

Grant amounts are typically $250 or less. Larger sums are are sometimes awarded along with other various forms of support. The Primate Freedom Project reserves the right to deny any grant without cause.

Part A: Basic information

1. Date of application
2. Name of organization
3. Contact person
4. Mailing/email address
5. Phone/fax numbers
6. Amount requested
7. Total project cost

Part B: Narrative

The following points reflect our general interests and concerns but are not intended to be conclusive. Please be thorough, yet strive for brevity. Although tightly written proposals are preferred, take the space you need to make your case.

Tell us about your current activities.

Tell us how you propose to use the grant. Let us know whether you will be using the funds for an existing project or for something new. Describe the problem on which you are focusing; please be specific.

List any other organizations helping fund your effort or generally helping with the project. Tell us what they are doing to help.

Tell us, approximately, when the funds will be spent.

Finally, explain how you will share your effort with as large an audience as possible. (Perhaps you will post a summary as a news release to AR-News, publish an article in your local or campus paper, or spread the news in another public medium.)

Part C: References

Provide contact information for two people who are familiar with your work. One of these should be an activist known within the animal rights movement.

Send your grant request to:



Primate Freedom Project
P.O. Box 1623
Fayetteville, GA. 30214

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