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Life Stories
These are life stories of primates held in U.S. primate laboratories. They are based on documents obtained from the labs.

20213 Rhesus Macaque

23993 Squirrel Monkey
25205 Crab-eating Macaque
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23954 Rhesus Macaque
24013 Squirrel Monkey
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A92025 Baboon
J90266 Pig-tailed Macaque
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9382 Vervet
1991-016 Vervet

MCY 24525 Crab-eating Macaque
MCY 24540 Crab-eating Macaque

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The University of Utah Monkeys
MCY 24540
MCY 24540 was acquired by the University of Utah on August 22, 2002. She was born at California Regional Primate Research Center on December 1, 1975. Her records start in January 1989, and the entries follow.

On January 17, 1989 she was given a full physical examination. Blood was drawn, and she was given a rectal swab to check for parasites and bacterial infections.

On March 14, 1989 she was moved.

April 17, 1989: Moved

May 9, 1989: "Exp. Intervention Nasogastric Intubation, Insertion and Care, Chloroquine 2 Days; Primaquine 14 days."

On October 19 and 23, 1989 she was administered Intramuscular Prednisone.

January 11, 1990: Moved.

May 10, 1990: Blood was drawn.

October 15, 1991: Blood was drawn.

January 19, 1994: Blood was drawn.

May 24, 1994: Moved.

June 30, 1994: Moved again.

September 8, 1995: Moved again.

October 26, 1995: Blood was drawn.

May 13, 1996: Moved again.

On Jun 28 and Jul 15, 1996 she was administered Iron Dextran.

April 18, 1997: Moved again.

January 14, 1998: Moved again.

February 24, 1998: Blood drawn.

May 14, 1998: Moved again.

Jun 14, 1998: The entry states "Patient status determination, closure by suture, hip wound, lacerated."

Jun 15, 1998: Immunized with tetanus.

December 15, 1998: Moved again.

March 25, 1999: Moved again.

August 6, 1999: Moved again.

February 12, 2000: Administered penicillin for 5 days.

October 30, 2000: Blood was drawn

April 9, 2001: Blood was drawn.

On July 11, 2001, MCY 24540 was given a "pre-shipment physical exam." It noted that she had abnormalities in her "Integument, Musculoskeletal, and circulatory organ systems." It also noted "dislocated L-hand D3 [left hand digit 3], Right D3 & D4 [third and fourth fingers on her right hand], tail."

In addition it noted "severe hyperkeratosis [a growth of skin tissue] on tail" and "grade 2 cardiac murmur" and "T-L kyphosis [abnormal shape of spine]"

On August 15, 2001, MCY 24540 was shipped to University of Utah.

August 22, 2001: U of U records note receiving her.

Judging from the signatures on the daily care log, she appears to have switched carepersons on February 11, 2002.

February 11, 2002: "Low appetite, shaking, health report filed." The health report states: "Ketamine 30 mg IM. PE ulcerated tongue, abdominal palpation - unable to distinguish kidneys. Blood taken for CBC. Animal was immobilized not to surgerical [sic] plane of anesthesia."

February 12, 2002: "Sluggish, Not Very active, still shaking."

February 13, 2002: Daily Care log: "Still shaking, not very active." A seperate health status report on this date notes: "Blood work received - CBC and CP is normal - monkey received 1cc of cetazolin. Spoke w/ Jack Taylor [the director of U of U's vivarium] about the case - treatment to be discontinued - possible Herpes infection."

February 14, 2002: "Moved due to barking dogs A little more active, seems tired though." Health status report says something similar on this day: "Monkeys moved from the room next to two dogs back to their original room."

February 15, 2002: "eating peanuts." Health status report on this day says "Animal is maintaning hydration, but leaving food. Continue to offer treats and watch.

February 25, 2002: "not eating, but drinking."

February 26, 2002: "Slow moving, no change in eating, but still drinking."

March 1, 2002: "Ate her apples but nothing else."

On March 4, 2002, she switched carepersons again. The rest of the entries in the daily care log are now just a checked box that says "no abnormalities

Thank you to Jeremy Beckham for making MCY 24540's life story a part of the public record of government sanctioned and funded atrocities known as primate vivisection.

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